Columbia CountyKeep it Local Columbia County, a local group with a mission to inspire, support and promote local businesses countywide through awareness campaigns, networking, and outreach announces a new organizational structure and partnership with the Columbia County Economic Team (CCET). Keep It Local CC will be organized as a 501 C (3) under the title of Columbia County Business Alliance and, as approved by the CCET Board of Directors at their last meeting, CCET’S Executive Committee will serve as the board of directors for the alliance.  


CCET’S Executive Director, Chuck Daughtry, stated “ my function will be to fundraise and continue to be a cheerleader for KILCC and help provide some leadership for this worthwhile program.”

KILCC’S dedicated group of volunteers strives to make supporting local businesses through the purchasing power of our local citizens a cultural norm. To increase public awareness, Keep It Local CC organizes and sponsors activities intended to supplement and boost the marketing and outreach efforts of businesses throughout Columbia County.


Director, Natasha Parvey, shared, “I couldn’t be more excited to have our partnership with CCET. Our committee has worked hard over the past few years to create impactful marketing programs and tools for the businesses across Columbia County with the goal to increase the amount spent in our communities.  Our partnership adds visibility, credibility, and resources to the program for growth while continuing to grow our  brand and helping business connect. It’s a great win/win to help connect Columbia County.”


All businesses are encouraged to sign up for the free business directory ( and complete a profile, making it possible to link with people seeking their services or retail offerings. Community and business events can be listed by anyone in the Events section, with the hope of better informing the public.


Written by Volunteer, Susan Conn

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