It’s 2/22/2022 at 2:22pm! To celebrate Twos-day, in no particular order, we have 22 reasons why to shop local in Columbia County!

1) Every dollar spent local, about 68¢ stays here!
2) It creates local jobs
3) 73% who live here, commute outside the county, shopping local keeps money here!
4) It builds community
5) You get a personal touch with your purchase
6) More local shopping = more choice
7) It’s better for the environment
8) Local nonprofits get 250% more support from local businesses
9) It puts local taxes to good use and allows more public services offerings (parks, trails, transportation, schools, etc)
10) You get unique items & service
11) Healthy local economies helps start new businesses
12) You help dreams come true
13) Buying local food supports farmers who can then grow more local food
14) Shorter lines!
15) Local owners know local needs
16) You help make the community a destination
17) You build up downtowns
18) It creates a healthy artistic community
19) Local small business owners care about our community more than chain stores
20) It makes the local economy more resilient to economic downturns/shortages
21) Creating jobs means less commuting time work and more local choice
22) It puts your money where your home is 

Thank you for supporting local businesses by shopping local!

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