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  • Find them here: Oregon framework to re-open Counties and the first business sectors
  • 20 Oregon counties under review for ‘Phase one’ reopening May 15
  • Travel Oregon COVID-19 Emergency Response Grant Program Opens May 11
  • Easy Advice: Using your Paycheck Protection Funds so they help, not hurt
  • New Small Business website for Columbia County businesses launches today!
Oregon framework to re-open Counties and the first business sectors
As we notified you Friday – on Thursday Governor Brown announced her Reopening Framework for Oregon. The comprehensive information is linked below. CCET, cities, the county and many other private and public stakeholders – including local businesses — provided a significant amount of feedback on the Reopening Framework and Sector Guidelines. ALTHOUGH COLUMBIA COUNTY HAS NOT YET BEEN APPROVED TO RE-OPEN, THIS GIVES YOU AND YOUR BUSINESS TANGIBLE, ESSENTIAL ACTIONS YOU CAN TAKE TO PREPARE YOUR BUSINESS TO GET BACK IN BUSINESS!!
There is a significant amount of information, including the Governor’s recorded presentation of the framework for you to watch. WHAT’S IMPORTANT TO SMALL BUSINESSES – PARTICULARLY RETAIL, RESTAURANTS AND BARS, OUTDOOR RECREATION, AND PERSONAL SERVICES IS IN THE Detailed Guidance for specific sectors, and your sector specifically.
Physical Distancing, PPEs, Handwashing/Hygiene and Sanitation/Cleaning are at the core of any and all businesses opening and staying open. The counties must maintain records and meet the criteria for reported cases, testing, and contact tracing. Each county has a responsibility there – the more that businesses can keep good records and assist in reporting and contact tracing, when necessary, the better the system will work to benefit us all. We can each play a vital role in making this work – and you can be proactive in figuring out how to implement essential actions at your own business.
BE CREATIVE, this isn’t about going back to how you did business before, it’s about how you can get back to doing business going forward.
CCET and Keep It Local, plus our many Chamber and local government partners will continue to provide information and updates, and assist however we can. – CCET
Recorded Presentation of Reopening Framework   –  explanation and discussion of the process
Final Phase 1 Guidance for specific sectors can be found here  (toward the bottom under “OHA Guidance and Rules:   This one is really key
Detailed breakdown for specific sectors:
Guidelines Regarding  FACE COVERING  Use in Public:
Phase One Reopening Guidance for the  PUBLIC :
Business Sector Guidance —  RETAIL :
Business Sector Guidance —  OUTDOOR RECREATION:
Business Sector Guidance —  PERSONAL SERVICES :
General Guidance  for Employers
20 Oregon counties under review for ‘Phase one’ reopening May 15
These Counties have applied to the state to re-open according to the Governor’s pre-requisites. CCET and many local stakeholders are coordinating with Columbia County to meet the criteria for a plan. There are some challenges to work through, but we will overcome them together. – CCET
Pay attention to the Paycheck Protection Guidelines
on how you use your assistance money.
The percentage for payroll versus operating costs makes a big difference; be sure you know the guidelines so your PPP funding helps, doesn’t harm. – CCET
COVID-19 Emergency Response Grant Program Opens May 11
In an effort to support entities that have direct ties to driving overnight visitation, Travel Oregon is pleased to announce its COVID-19 Emergency Response Grants Program will open for applications on Mon., May 11. Program applications may be used for general operating support with the goal of maintaining jobs. Continued operations of small businesses and regional and destination marketing/management organizations will be vital to the travel and tourism industry’s economic recovery efforts. Total funding available for the program is $800,000 and specifically targets rural/small businesses and those who have NOT received funds from EIDL or PPP. Details can be found here:
Grant awards will be announced on Wed., June 3.
Read the complete Grant Guidelines to see eligibility requirements, funding parameters, and application questions.   Learn more. Please direct questions to  [email protected] .
Introducing our new small business website
Providing 24/7 alerts, updates and resources for your business today and every day.
We’re glad to be able to launch this new resource web page to help you navigate through this challenging time. Visit today and bookmark us to find daily local, Oregon, national, and global updates, plus resource links for your reference anytime. Not finding what you need? Send us a message right from the page to let us know what else would be useful to you.
Columbia County Economic Team (CCET) and Keep It Local are working to assist businesses to navigate through the Coronavirus pandemic and resulting economic disruption….and plan for recovery. Business survival and retention is a top priority. We all want to emerge from the other side of this ability to restore our businesses, livelihoods, and economy. Reaching out countywide, Columbia County Economic Team will be communicating with you regularly.
If you have received this email as a forward from a friend and wish to receive future COVID business retention, resiliency, and recovery updates from CCET, please contact us at wnegelspach  or click here to be added to our list. to be added to our list. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn by clicking the buttons below.
Paul Vogel
Interim CEO
Columbia County Economic Team

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