Keep it Local For The Holidays 2021

Tis the Season to be Local!!!

NOW GOING! NOV 21st – Dec 31st

Thank you for your interest in our local wonderland of Columbia County! On this page you will find the most recent information on our Keep it Local For the Holidays campaign. Specifically, this is where you can find participating businesses/nonprofits, how to play our “Wonderland Card” game (for a chance at $1000!), and see our online gift catalog. 

About Our Campaign

Instead of going outside the county for the holidays, discover the wonderland of Columbia County! Keep it Local for the Holidays is a campaign to promote Columbia County’s businesses and nonprofits. This campaign helps locals and visitors become aware local gift ideas, drinks, food, artists, and more for the holidays! Plus, we make choosing local fun with our Wonderland Card and online gift catalog.

The Wonderland Card

Shopping local during the holidays not only supports our community, business owner dreams, keeps money in the community, and creates jobs… but when you shop local this year with, participating businesses and nonprofits,

you could win $1000!!! and over 20 other prizes


For every $10* spent between Nov 21 – Dec 31 at a participating location, an employee will mark off one box with their businesses’ initials. When all 20 boxes are full, sign and take your completed card to one of these locations by December 31st for your chance to win!

  • Clatskanie & Vernonia: Wauna Federal Credit Union
  • St Helens: Wauna Federal Credit Union, Richardson’s Furniture,
  • or Sass at Home
  • Scappoose & Rainier: InRoads Credit Union

The winner will be drawn live on Keep It Local Columbia County’s Facebook on January 5, 2022, and notified.


  • One transaction per day at financial institutions and service-type businesses is equal to one box. 
  • For every $10 donated to a participating nonprofit, one box is also signed off
  • You can staple cards together to reach a full card
  • CARDS WILL NOT BE ROUNDED UP, unless it’s within pennies (10 cents) of each $10 increment
  • Multiple cards can be turned in from the same participant (up to 25 cards per person)

If you have further questions, please email us at

Columbia County Online Gift Catalog

We are making shopping locally even easier with our online gift catalog! Scroll below to find local gift ideas for your family, friends, kids, and pets! We have various categories to shop from including home, food, kitchen, games, adventure, music, handmade, jewelry, apparel, personal care, pets, donating locally, and more! Please share this with others and thank you for choosing local! 

P.S. All these businesses are participating in with our Wonderland Cards. That means you can purchase items in this catalog and have a chance to win $1000!!!

Note: Click on the online shopping link features are not yet added to this catalog! Please check with us tomorrow (11/24) to see this nifty feature added!

thank you to our sponsors who help make this campaign possible!