Sometimes it starts with one idea that refuses to leave your head.  Then it becomes the goal that has to be put in place. Local business owner, Cindy Sutliff hit the nail on the head.  She had the idea that business success is about brainstorming with other business owners who have had successes and failures.  Cindy’s idea of sharing ideas and being helpful follows the famous words by motivational speaker, Zig Ziggler, “You will get all you want in life if you help enough other people get what they want.”


Cindy is a good representative of the many small business owners in Columbia County; she is determined to succeed.  She opened her business in Oct 2015 after competing as one of the three finalists for the SHEDCO (St. Helens Economic Development Cooperation) Business Plan Competition Plan in June 2015.   Cindy like many others conducted her research, worked with mentors, and created a solid business plan .  You see she was ready to open another business as she previously owned a daycare. After running the daycare, she then worked a corporate job in banking.  Many of you who own a business can relate that it’s easy to get sucked into working “in” your business and not on it because we love what we do whether that is baking, painting, teaching, banking or selling insurance.   Cindy’s business has grown since she opened.  She is doing well in her first few years of business but wants to plan to keep succeeding.


Cindy is not the only business owner to approach Keep it Local Director, Natasha Parvey with this need to connect with others for ideas,  help with marketing ideas or cross promotions and the need to help one another succeed.    Natasha said, “After hearing from others in the community that they would like more time to “talk” business, I knew a Business Brainstorming Meeting is necessary for the area. A place for the owners to work on their business, not in it. I have talked to business owners for ten years.  They often have a problem on their desk they are not sure how to solve or have a great new idea that could help their neighbor business and want to share.  I’ve seen what happens when businesses collaborate in a community and it’s powerful.”  When asked why she wanted to start the meeting Cindy replied, “First, I wanted to get to know my local business partners and second I need and want their feedback and best and worst practices. I always need to learn and grow in my business, and I would think all our partners do as well.”


Come and meet Cindy and other local business owners and begin to create your business building circle.  Columbia County Business Owners, You are Invited to attend the 1st Business Brainstorming Meeting from 5:30-6:30 PM on April 11th hosted by Tea Time.  RSVP to


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