Happy New Years! In this post, we wanted to do a reflection of where we have been and where we are going for 2022! But first, thank you to all those who have supported our program and have helped championed the “Keep it Local” spirit. It’s important we all take a moment to appreciate all the things you do for our community, too! ❤
Keep it Local was established in 2015 to support Columbia County’s small businesses and local organizations. To do so, we have a free online directory tool making finding local businesses, organizations, and events easier. We also have a strong social media following, a show on KOHI AM 1600, and we have hosted various programs. Our previous Director, Natasha Parvey, dedication to doing much of this work has helped make us into who we are today! (Thank you Natasha)
But this year, Keep it Local Columbia County had a big change. Natasha passed the torch to me as the new director. Raised in Clatskanie and a graduate of OSU, I have loved returning to our community and serving all the county in this role! Since my start in July, I have had the pleasure to meet many owners, partners, and locals. Plus, sharing Small Business Week, hosting Keep it Local for the Holidays campaign, and posting on social media has also been a joy. I would also like to thank the Columbia Economic Team for helping mentor me, being amazing partners, and for funding our program!
We have big plans this year! We have received grants from the Samuel S Johnson Foundation (thank you Senator Betsy Johnson and the foundation’s members), Columbia River PUD, and Business Oregon (with Oregon State Lottery Funds) to upgrade our directory and offer FREE digital education classes and resources to our community’s businesses and organizations! This work’s goal is to help Columbia County small businesses and organizations be well represented and comfortable with the growing digital changes of our time. We also plan to do something special for Small Business Week, host the holiday campaign, and partner with the new Small Business Resource Center. Overall, we are very excited for 2022! Happy New Year! #keepitlocalcc
Sincerely, Sierra Trass Director of Keep it Local Columbia County

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