Shop Local

Shopping local in Columbia County Oregon is perhaps more important than you may realize! Why? According to the 2018 Census Bureau, and this research, 73% of residents who work commute to other counties for their jobs! That means every year Columbia County businesses lose sales. If you think about the ramifications, that hurts lunch hours for restaurants, local jobs, tax revenue for our schools and city programs, business start-ups, and the list could go on. 

But we have good news for Columbia County! When you shop local, you help reverse these consequences and turn the wheel around to spin economic growth. Powerfully, shopping locally creates a positive feedback loop for our community.

When you shop local you help:

  • Keep money in the community
  • Create local jobs
  • Business owners dreams come true and thrive
  • Help give small businesses the capacity to give back
And these are just to name a few benefits!

Simms Oriental Cuisine thanks customers for helping them make it through the pandemic. Scappoose, July 2021

Lets Make Shopping Local Easier!

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